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FairPlay License

FairPlay License Version 1.1

This software is available as source code, but the licensing differs in some parts strongly from other OpenSource Licenses like the GPL. Please read this license even more carefully, if you have experience with other licenses.

1. This package is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of MERCHANTIBILITY and FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

2. The Software may be used in and distributed for personal and commercial use (like in companies). Linking the software with free programs is allowed and may be distributed with them, even if the programs are used in a commercial environment.

3. Using the software in commercial applications, whether used directly or linked into the application, requires separate licensing. This also applies if this application or library is included in another application with commercial intent and to commercial wrappers, like advertisement setups.

4. The software is available as source code. That means that the code required for building the software is publicly available. Changes to the source by others must be documented in the source and the authors must be notified of this. This is not required for changes for internal use.

5. The software and the source may be distributed in unmodified form. You may charge a small amount of money for the CD, bandwidth and similar costs. Selling the source or the compiled software is prohibited without written permission of the copyright holder. Modified versions of this software may only be distributed under the terms of this license. This means, that selling the modified source code and resultant compiled software is prohibited without written permission of the copyright holder, too.The compiled software has to be distributed together with the source or a prominent notice where to find it.

6. The name of the copyright holder may not be used to support or advertise software that was derived from the original without written permission as successor.

License history

Version 1.1: Clarification on section 3 on what a commercial application is.