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Verfasst von blaze2k am 6 Februar, 2012 - 15:23

 I have lastest version installed in server mode on windows server 2008 R2 and my 32bit clients can't download the driver only the 64bit ones. If i check the printer at sharing\aditional drivers 32bit drivers are missing. So how to I add them ?

Re: How to add 32bit printer driver?


don't you get any 32 Bit drivers or are they only missing for older Windows versions? Windows x64 does not accept kernel mode drivers anymore, as the PostScript printer for Windows 9x. So there is no way I know to install them. You should be able to store the drivers for Windows XP/7 x86.

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Re: How to add 32bit printer driver?


sorry but your reply is not clear for me..

This is my problem:

Till today  I had the previous 1.2.3 on windows 7. I have also a virtual machine Xp 32bit which printed fine.

Now I have just installed the 1.3.2 but the share printer procedure needs x86 driver (just like the old procedure..) but they are missing. What sould I do?


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Re: How to add 32bit printer driver?

Have you tried the Serverinstallation? (Use the setup switch /Expert for the latest version.)

Re: How to add 32bit printer driver?



I have the same problem! How did you fixed it?

PDF-Creator isn't adding 32bit-Drivers during installation on a Win 2008 R2 Server (64bit)!

I'm not able to add an 32bit-Driver from an 32bit-Client, which was the way, I did it, with other printers.


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Re: How to add 32bit printer driver?

 Did I asked something stupid or no one can help me?